The public beach of lake Plaudis is accesable thanks to Taurupes parish and constarct between us and them. However, there are rules of the public beach:

It is forbidden to enter the teritory with motor-powered transports such as cars, motorbikes. Bycicles are allowed to be brought in this teritory.

It is not allowed to dig out or to damage wildlife in other ways.

You must let other visitors to use this teritory freely

Usage of any glass container, alcochol or any other intoxicating substance is forbidden in the public playground. Smoking is allowed in places that do not disturb other vacationers. Cigarette butts must be thrown out in trash bins.

You must not trash the nature not with trash nor chemical waste

You must not damage any property, inventory.

You can build tents and make fireplaces in the designated places only. We hold the right to demand a fine if these rules are not followed.

You can not take your pets for a swim in the publik beach. All animals must be on a leash, no matter how small or big.

You can not do your natural needs anywhere outside the toilets.

Between 23:00 and 7:00 is the quiet hours - that means, no loud music, yelling, operate any loud motor-powered vehicles. This rule does not apply, if an event has been brought into accord beforehand

Any commercial activity is forbidden from this teritory.